Get creative with summer activities

Hello parents! Since most of us have made it through virtual learning and are now getting started with summer, I wanted to share something that I do at the end of every school year. Each year, I sit down with my kids and we brainstorm all of the things we can do over the summer. Many people see it as a “bucket list,” but we use it as a reference. We all stay fairly motivated at the beginning of the summer, and we pack in activities to stay busy. Since we have less opportunities for summer camps and outings, take some time to brainstorm activities your children like to do and write them down where you can see them. This way, when we get into summer and we hear, “but I’m bored!” you can encourage your children to go look at their list and try something that they came up with and they will be less likely to default to screens. We have to get a little creative this year, and there is always room to add more as ideas pop up. Here is a sample of what we came up with this year: