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Summit is a practice owned by licensed school psychologists. Summit is committed to placing the most qualified professionals in school settings to support students, staff, and families. Increased access to SPED evaluation, consultation and direct services, and support in school settings is central to improving the well-being of children. All services provided in a school setting should be appropriate to the learning environment.

  • School Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Special Education Teachers

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We are committed to supporting our colleagues and helping school districts meet their students’ needs.

Doctoral Level School Psychology Internship


Summit Psychological Assessment & Consultation and local school districts within El Paso County are offering a unique opportunity to doctoral level school psychology students looking for internship for the 2023 – 2024 school year.

Our hybrid internship provides training in a range of educational and clinical settings. The 1500-hour internship will be divided 80/20 between a school-based placement and Summit. Time allocated to Summit includes participation in a clinical setting and the development of clinical skills. Interns will be involved with neuro-educational evaluations, case conceptualization, consultation with schools and families, and developing individualized supports for children and teens. Students will also gain exposure to the inner workings of a private practice. At Summit the intern will access 2 hours of supervision weekly from a DORA licensed psychologist, who is also a practicing school psychologist. Time allocated to a school setting will include a traditional school-based internship. Training will be divided among the activities of assessment, behavioral, academic, and psychological intervention, consultation, and offer experience with prevention programs and system-wide programming. The intern will initially work alongside a licensed school psychologist for supervision and mentoring. As the intern becomes more comfortable and experienced, they will be expected to practice more independently. However, they will always have immediate access to a school psychologist in the event of difficult or unexpected circumstance.

Our hybrid internship will permit the intern to gain experience providing services to children and adolescents of varying ages, ethnicity and presenting problems. Services to children with disabilities will incorporate clinical differential diagnosing at Summit, and experience of the special education process in the school setting. Interns will have opportunities to interact with other professionals and be able to access a variety of training activities including seminars, in-service programs, observation of other agencies and programs, and opportunities for continued professional development.


Does the internship include a stipend of $25,000 or more? Yes
Does the internship include a benefits package (health/sick days, etc.) Yes
Does the internship offer 1500 hours for a doctoral level student Yes
Are at least half of the hours (750) completed in a school setting Yes
Do all settings permit the intern to receive sufficient supervision? Yes
Does the intern receive 2 hours weekly of supervision from a DORA licensed psychologist Yes

To apply for this internship, school psychology doctoral students will have completed a minimum of 60 graduate semester hours or 90 graduate quarter hours of coursework in the disciplines of education and psychology. They will have completed coursework and supervised practicum experiences in the applied skills of assessment (intellectual, socio-emotional, and functional behavioral assessment), consultation (including behavioral consultation and academic and behavior planning) and therapeutic intervention (individual and group counseling, psycho-educational interventions and applied behavior analysis). Doctoral students will have completed additional coursework, specialized training, an advanced practicum or externship, and additional research competencies. If they have any outstanding grades of “incomplete” on their academic record, students will be expected to clear these before enrolling in the Internship.

Internship applicants will submit two letters of recommendation, a sample report, and complete an interview. Letters of recommendation can include one from a university supervisor speaking to their academic ability and potential and one from a previous employer or practicum/externship setting.