Summer break is here….Don’t stress about school! Children have superpowers!

Many parents are wondering what the online schooling experience coupled with the worry and anxiety of COVID 19 has done to their child’s education. Are they going to be behind in the Fall? Does this mean their basic education will not be as good as children who have not experienced the COVID pandemic?

I’m here to tell you…. Don’t worry!! Children have superpowers!! Children will continue to learn as teachers and parents continue to give them quality educational experiences. And children will get back on track.

What teachers and schools can not fix is the social-emotional trauma that can sometimes prevent the brain from learning. So right now, just share your calmness, strength and laughter with your children. Create happy moments and memories, and if necessary, give your child the opportunity to talk about and process their concerns in an age appropriate manner. Keep daily routines and schedules as much as possible to provide a sense of security and structure. Right now, no kids are ahead and no kids are behind…… They are exactly where they need to be.