Are you sending a young person to college soon?

Are you concerned about COVID 19 and how they will stay healthy?

You are fairly confident your teen will have the tools they need to stay healthy in their dorm room because you will provide the tools (e.g., lots of hand soap, Lysol wipes and spray etc.) and you hope that they will use them regularly! However, you have less control over the times your teen has to leave the relative safety of their dorm. Perhaps they have to take the college bus, or they are going to have in-class instruction for some of their college day. Here’s a COVID 19 kit you can put together for your teen (if needed – it fits in a USPS priority mail box). Putting this resource together will help you feel confident that you have done all you can to encourage your teen to stay healthy.

Items to include: Thermometer; Travel sized packets of – Tylenol, hand sanitizer gel, alcohol wipes, tissues; Travel size sanitizer gel holders (Etsy has lots); Sore throat lozenges; Pack of disposable face masks; Washable face masks (at least 3); Chicken noodle / Vegetable Soup (Pacific Foods is healthy & comes in boxes for easy shipping); Emergen-C Vitamin C; A small make-up bag for your teen to keep stocked up and throw in their backpack; Instructions on how to use, what to do to prevent COVID 19, what to do if they suspect they have COVID 19, and how to keep their spirits up.

Coronavirus prevention kit instructions

  • Wear a clean face mask when in public places or when in close contact with others. Make sure you wash your mask very frequently (take it in the shower with you), or use disposables.
  • Wash your hands frequently especially after being in public places, before you eat or after using the bathroom (of course)
  • Wash for 20 seconds making sure you get around your nails well and all parts of your hand.
  • If you don’t have access to soap and water carry a small bottle or hand sanitizer and / or a few wipes in a zip lock bag.
  • Wipe down commonly used surfaces before you use them (shared kitchen, public computer etc.)
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes, don’t hug and shake hands with others.
  • Clean your space regularly, don’t forget door handles, your phone etc.
  • Take your COVID 19 travel bag (includes sanitizer gel, alcohol wipes, tissues, travel Tylenol and disposable face mask) in your backpack / purse.

If you find yourself feeling low because of the restrictions, look through these to remind yourself of things you can do that are known to help people feel better.