Specific Learning Disability Evaluations

If your child is struggling in school, the first step to finding help is figuring out what is getting in their way. Our team of specialists approach all Specific Learning Disability (SLD) evaluations from a neurodevelopmental perspective utilizing individual profiles of strengths and areas of weakness. Families pursue SLD evaluations at Summit because of our expertise in educational settings and our ability to help them navigate a complex system for support. Evaluations include aspects of cognition, academic achievement, and executive functioning. Whether a child meets criteria for a disability or not, families gain meaningful information specific to their child’s learning profile and related needs. Our reports always include individualized suggestions and recommendations for appropriate supports and accommodations to promote learning success.

We evaluate the following Specific Leaning Disabilities:
– Reading (Dyslexia)
– Writing (Dysgraphia)
– Math (Dyscalculia)
**Learning disability evaluations are not covered by health insurance.