14 ways you can help soothe your child’s anxieties about this school year

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. The beginning of a new school year, even during normal times, can bring anticipation, excitement, and anxiety for you and your child. This school year promises to intensify all of these feelings, especially the anxiety. As a parent, it is OK to be concerned about how your child […]

Potential learning loss due to school closures and inconsistent learning during the pandemic.

School closures and random periods of quarantine have been common tools in the battle against COVID-19. Yet, their costs and benefits remain relatively unknown. When available for learning, students have often experienced a wide variety of learning environments from in-person, to peer ‘bubbles’, hybrid, and virtual/e-learning. Teachers, parents, and students all feel as if learning […]

Are you or your child experiencing “Zoom Fatigue”?

Having access to virtual meetings means we (and our children) can work from home, we can give and receive support, and we can see the faces of our loved ones when we chat. However, this online presence is unprecedented. This two-dimensional relationship impacts our ability to fully connect non-verbally, build rapport and trust. This can […]

Are you sending a young person to college soon?

Are you concerned about COVID 19 and how they will stay healthy? You are fairly confident your teen will have the tools they need to stay healthy in their dorm room because you will provide the tools (e.g., lots of hand soap, Lysol wipes and spray etc.) and you hope that they will use them […]

Report from the UK on what kept children well during the COVID 19 pandemic restrictions?

Ideas to support mental health. Here in the US we are looking at an extended period of restrictions due to COVID 19. Other countries are starting to see a decrease in deaths and a more manageable situation overall. In the UK, Dr. Barnardos, the largest children’s charity, recently completed a report on the mental health […]

Summer break is here….Don’t stress about school! Children have superpowers!

Many parents are wondering what the online schooling experience coupled with the worry and anxiety of COVID 19 has done to their child’s education. Are they going to be behind in the Fall? Does this mean their basic education will not be as good as children who have not experienced the COVID pandemic? I’m here […]

Get creative with summer activities

Hello parents! Since most of us have made it through virtual learning and are now getting started with summer, I wanted to share something that I do at the end of every school year. Each year, I sit down with my kids and we brainstorm all of the things we can do over the summer. […]

Classroom Management at Home

Homeschooling can feel daunting and overwhelming. Our children’s teachers are working hard to give us access to academic content and activities to keep our children engaged. However, in my experience, knowing what to teach is not quite as important, or as difficult as, how to teach it. Let’s face it, children do not always sit […]

Talking with children about the Coronavirus

El Paso County schools have announced that they are closing for 14 days in attempt to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The decision to close schools has created an increase in anxiety and curiosity for children.  One way to help your children manage their anxieties is to talk with them, answer their questions and […]

Children online – what’s your opinion?

The Washington Post recently published an article called “Let’s tell kids what they can do online, instead of what they can’t do”. It is an interesting read. Generally, when I hear a conversation about children and internet access or social media it tends to be all or nothing. I hear people talk with disgust […]