Independent Educational Evaluations

If you, as a parent of a child with a disability, do not agree with the results of the individualized evaluation of your child, as conducted by the school system, you have the right to obtain an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE). This means that you may ask that a professional, qualified evaluator who is not employed by the school system complete another evaluation of your child.

Summit psychologists are uniquely qualified to provide Independent Educational Evaluations for families and school districts. They have extensive experience with special education processes, knowledge of educational law, academic challenges, social and emotional needs, and numerous other areas that impact a student at school. When completing an IEE, Summit psychologists prioritize identifying a student’s needs with the goal of helping schools and families continue to work together for the success of the student.

 If you request an IEE of your child, the school must provide you with information about where you can obtain such an evaluation.

IDEA definition: Independent Educational Evaluation